Taste Heiven Story


They say you never remember your childhood. But I remembered mine. Whenever coming home from preschool, wafts of heavenly aroma permeated my whole being. Upon entering the kitchen, the familiar figure of my mum patiently preparing a much anticipated delicious meal, gave me great comfort and a sense of peace. I have indeed come home. To a place of sanctuary where one can simply indulge in comfort food that tasted so heivenly!


This longing for home meals intensified throughout the growing up years as we lived overseas.  I remembered during Uni days, mum will regularly open up our home to host my international student friends who missed their mums’ meals.  Working life was not much different.  Constant travels, intense work hours mean there was hardly time to cook, let alone enjoy the eating process.  The thought of coming home to a delicious meal no matter how late it is, was a great comfort to let loose and relax after a long day.  


It was only after going to culinary school as a hobby, that I realized how much artificial ingredients we are consuming in today’s society.  Fast or Convenience food, Preservatives, Margarine, GMO, MSG etc.  When mum had cancer, it further intensified my understanding how some ingredients can cause sicknesses in our bodies. Being a carer with hectic work life and no time to cook, it was very difficult to feel safe about buying food from the outside, not knowing what ingredients go into the dishes.  This is why we put a lot of care into the ingredients selection.  Be it using Non GMO, unbleached flour in our baked goods, or choosing lower mercury content fish, or using Olive or Peanut Oil for cooking. Our culinary methods are also mostly baked, grilled, steamed, though we do occasionally indulged in naughty fries!


In addition, many dishes are also heritage recipes, inherited over several generations after refinement. They strongly represent Padang influence, famous for being the gourmet center of Indonesia. Each heritage dish takes hours to prepare, creating layers of depth in flavor rarely seen.


Similarly our desserts went through rigorous experiments to achieve that Ultimate, Perfect state - well balanced, not too sweet or rich, and good enough to eat on its own, hence the term ‘nude’. They are easy on the palate and calories without compromising taste. For instance, it took 3 years to come up with the perfect taste and texture of Scones which is so good that no butter and jam are required. Our famous Almond Cookies took 2 years to be ready.  In summary for our desserts series, No Preservatives, Improvers, and other frills like fondants or cream toppings are used.


It is with such mindset that we bring our product offerings to you, like a family member; What we do not eat ourselves, will never be offered. What does not taste nice, will not be passed on. Hence, we bring the Ultimate Taste of Home from Our Table to Yours. It is our earnest wish that every bite brings you, the Taste of Heiven, and reminds you of the warmth and comfort of home.


Grace Lim, founder of Taste Heiven 

Taste Heiven is a brand under The Ultimate Food Company Pte Ltd